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Fire to the Max offers classes in Staffs, Juggling, Poi, Stage Presence, Fire Safety, and more!

Our Teaching Philosophy:

Provide mental and physical tools to master techniques and empower growth and self-expression.

“Teach like a guru,” is our motto, dispelling the darkness of the unknown by giving guidance and clear, concise instruction.

Students learn by doing – we encourage everybody's individual exploration and discovery of their own unique path through the arts.

Customize to participants learning styles – to maximize engagement and learning potential, skill are taught utilizing students' existing strengths.

Instruction Specialties:

Staffs (Max's Favorite)

Staff Spinning

Contact Staff

Double Staffs

Triple Staffs


Prop Manipulation



Juggling Balls/Clubs

Juggling Staffs

LED Orbit Spinning

Movement & Dance


Gloving and Tutting

Acrobatics (Acrobalance)

Dancing and Footwork for Flow Arts

Stretching & Flexibility for Performing

Presentation & More

Stage Presence

Relating to the Audience

Character & Performance Flair

Act Development & Refinement

Fire Safety

Online Courses

Comprehensive & interactive online courses are coming soon!

  • Intro to Contact Staff (expected release Summer 2016)
  • Intro to Double Staffs (expected release Winter 2016)
  • Advanced Contact Staff (tentatively Summer 2017)
  • More courses to follow in 2017 and beyond!

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Lessons & Workshops

Private Lessons

Fire to the Max offers private lessons, both online and in-person.

1 on 1 sessions focus on exactly what you want to learn for maximum improvement!

Small group semi-private classes are also available.

Rates: $60/hr for private instruction (Online session) in any specialization.

To schedule, please contact us.


Fire to the Max has hosted workshops at circus centers, conferences, conventions and festivals worldwide.

Spreading love and knowledge of movement arts to as many people as possible is our motivation for teaching.

We offer many organized, accessible classes at a range of skill levels.

Inspiring Combinations

In addition to having workshops, performances can make events more dynamic and can cultivate even greater interest.

Spectacular shows create added inspiration, check out the Fire Shows and Performances page to learn more.

Ready to have us teach (or teach and perform) at your event?


Praise from students:


“The techniques I learned from Max’s stage presence workshop have had a significant impact on how I spin fire — I was surprised by how much a few tweaks to my pacing and body positioning could improve my on-stage confidence and connection with my audience. Thanks, Max!”

  – Daniel, Why Question Everything, Burlingame, CA


“I was impressed by how Max managed to articulate and demonstrate a considerable number of flow staff skills in a straightforward manner — really did a great job juggling between the people in the class.”

  – Yarden, Tel Aviv, Israel


“Thanks so much for everything I learnt … it’s taking my performance to the next level!”

  – Clint, CiCi's Circus, Perth, Australia


I honestly can’t decide which I loved more: being Max’s student or his audience. Max has so much skill and experience with performing, teaching AND the flow arts! He’s such a fun, thorough teacher that I was so involved in the learning I forgot to be nervous about being a beginner! Max is that rare combination of artistic and analytical, observant and technical, that makes sure no detail — from fire safety to a trick’s form to the consistency of a performer’s ‘character’ — goes unexplored.

  – Nicole, Pennsylvania, USA


“Max always takes the time to teach others what he knows, and always does so with a big smile! I’ve learned a lot from him about putting together a performance and about connecting with an audience. Thank you, Max!”

  – Joe, San Diego, CA


“Max Stuart was my first teacher and mentor in the world of flow. His patience and kindness made it a welcome world to dive into. He is a wealth of information and talent!”

  – William, POPS, Oceanside, CA


“I’ve both jammed with and learned with Max. I’ve yet to see such professional double staff handling again. He is the master of sticks!

He’s got the spirit of circus in him.”

  – Matt, Boston, MA


“Precious few souls have inspired my passion for the art of fire as Mr. Max has. As a teacher he’s pure patience and wisdom; but as a performer he soars like a kung-fu phoenix on acid ... I’ll never be the same.”

  – Chris P, Crispy Creations, BC, Canada

Maya-Maya-Fire-Dance-Tel-Aviv-Israel_150x150“Max is a great teacher — he's patient and encouraging, and he knows how to break things down and explain, step by step, in a way that everyone can understand. He's also an amazing performer! Audiences are hypnotized by that triple staff juggling routine 🙂. Personally, it's been a pleasure and an honor to learn from Max and I recommend him to everyone!”

  – Maya, Maya Fire Dance, Tel Aviv, Israel


“Max is an excellent teacher and performer that I have both worked with and learned a lot from. He is reliable, on time for performances/classes, and always demonstrates skill with a smile. As a fellow artist, I have learned a lot from Max’s top notch showmanship and crowd interaction. There are few that match his skill in all of California with staff or sticks. He has the ability to communicate and teach to others all of his skills, and legitimately enjoys what he teaches.”

  – Nick, 5 Element Fitness, San Diego, CA


“Max has been an amazing organizer and teacher here at the circus school. The students seem to love him and keep coming back, and his fire shows are some of the best I’ve seen! I would definitely recommend him, and look forward to working with him more.”

  – James, Pai Circus School, Pai, Thailand


Instruction provided by Max Stuart, training students around the world in flow arts since 2009.

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Private lessons are available, please...