About Fire to the Max Mission Statement

Our Mission

To empower learning in fun and dynamic ways by teaching prop manipulation, flow arts, and dancing with fire.

By advancing quickly through new skills, everyone benefits from increased spatial awareness, mental control, and feeling self-empowered.

Max is an experienced instructor, providing well organized and comprehensive courses in Contact Staff, Double Staffs, Dragonstaff, Poi, Juggling, Stage Presence workshops, Fire Safety classes and more.

In addition, Fire to the Max will continue to release free informative community-inspired content, and provide customized instruction via live in-person and video-call lessons.

What others are saying:


I honestly can’t decide which I loved more: being Max’s student or his audience. Max has so much skill and experience with performing, teaching AND the flow arts! He’s such a fun, thorough teacher that I was so involved in the learning I forgot to be nervous about being a beginner! Max is that rare combination of artistic and analytical, observant and technical, that makes sure no detail — from fire safety to a trick’s form to the consistency of a performer’s ‘character’ — goes unexplored.

  – Nicole, Pennsylvania, USA


“I created and ran FreeFlow Fire Arts Festival in 2016. As one of our teachers, Max was a professional from the very beginning, he joined the team and took initiative to help everywhere he could. He then excelled in teaching, performing & fire safety. I look forward to working/playing with Max in the future!”

  – Rafa, FreeFlow Arts, Gold Coast, Australia




“Precious few souls have inspired my passion for the art of fire as Mr. Max has. As a teacher he’s pure patience and wisdom; but as a performer he soars like a kung-fu phoenix on acid ... I’ll never be the same.”

  – Chris P, Crispy Creations, BC, Canada





“Max is an excellent teacher and performer that I have both worked with and learned a lot from. He is reliable, on time for performances/classes, and always demonstrates skill with a smile. As a fellow artist, I have learned a lot from Max’s top notch showmanship and crowd interaction. There are few that match his skill in all of California with staff or sticks. He has the ability to communicate and teach to others all of his skills, and legitimately enjoys what he teaches.”

  – Nick, 5 Element Fitness, San Diego, CA


“Max Stuart was my first teacher and mentor in the world of flow. His patience and kindness made it a welcome world to dive into. He is a wealth of information and talent!”

  – William, POPS, Oceanside, CA




Laura-Laura-Loops-Chilliwack-BC-Canada_150x150“Max is one of the best flow artists I have worked with. His passion for flow and for life come through in his stunning performances and amazing workshops. He is always willing to share and has an amazing teaching style which is thorough and fun. Max's kindness and support are inspirational and he is a blast to play and perform with.”

  – Laura, Laura Loops, Chilliwack, BC, Canada



“Max has been an amazing organizer and teacher here at the circus school. The students seem to love him and keep coming back, and his fire shows are some of the best I’ve seen! I would definitely recommend him, and look forward to working with him more.”

  – James, Pai Circus School, Pai, Thailand




“Max Stuart embodies technical skills in a way that’s impressive to the geeky fire spinner, yet still relatable to the average audience member. This is a mark of a true entertainer. He inspires me and I am honored to call him a friend and fellow artist.”

  – Adelaide, Art by Adelaide, San Diego, CA




“Max is a hardworking and technical performer, patient teacher, and all around upbeat human. He is very easy and flexible to work with in my experience and, even from another performer’s perspective, puts on an amazingly fun show. I am always impressed and surprised by what Max is doing with his many different props!”

  – Justin, Organic Pyrotechnic, Portland, OR



“I have hired and performed with Max for several years, from private, corporate gigs to public festivals of over 10,000 attendees. Max is always a crowd pleaser, he is extremely talented with multiple tools and has a tremendous stage presence that keeps an audience captivated. Max is a joy to work with, professional, friendly and an inspiring performer.”

  – Andrea, Tahoe Fire Dancers, Fiddletown, CA



“Max always takes the time to teach others what he knows, and always does so with a big smile! I’ve learned a lot from him about putting together a performance and about connecting with an audience. Thank you, Max!”

  – Joe, San Diego, CA



About Max


Since he first lit up the scene in 2009, Max Stuart has brought his signature smolder to hundreds of festivals, concerts and events. His dance skills include mastery of countless props to provide fire performances, LED light shows, and daytime flow or circus acts.

Max’s emphasis on character takes it to the next level, giving audiences a full on theatrical treat with every burn. With a background in theater and experience with improv comedy, Max uses every tool in his arsenal to choreograph distinctive and memorable shows.

Max founded Fire to the Max with a commitment to entertainment through genuine performance and connection with the audience. Flawless timing and special attention to music and event atmosphere allows him to create unique and dynamic live art pieces. While some performers tend to emphasize dance, skillful prop manipulation, or flashy tricks, Max strives to achieve a mind-blowing blend in each performance.

His shows have been featured at a variety of festivals and venues, and he is an active member of circus, flow arts, and juggling communities worldwide.

Along with passion for fire comes Max’s love of teaching. In addition to offering instruction in technical prop manipulation, Max strives to impart the importance of dance, character, interaction, and musicality to his students to enhance their live performance skills. His staff and stage presence workshops have been featured at national and international festivals.

Max has served as a teacher at established centers around the globe, actively blogs and writes to spread knowledge of flow arts and fire safety, and offers private and small group instruction to students of all levels.


Performance History:

Download Max's Performance Resume/CV (Show Experience & Credentials) here


Teaching History:

Download Max's Instructor Resume/CV (Teaching Experience & Credentials) here