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Client Testimonials


“Thank you so much, Max!!! You made my party a memorable one!”

  – Amanda, Yucaipa, CA, USA


“I have hired and performed with Max for several years, from private, corporate gigs to public festivals of over 10,000 attendees. Max is always a crowd pleaser, he is extremely talented with multiple tools and has a tremendous stage presence that keeps an audience captivated. Max is a joy to work with, professional, friendly and an inspiring performer.”  – Andrea, Tahoe Fire Dancers, Fiddletown, CA


“Watching Max perform with fire is totally mesmerizing! You can clearly see his talent and fluidity with the fire toys, he moves with power and grace and is a pleasure to watch!”

  – Leila, Trilogy Sanctuary, La Jolla, CA


“I have hired Max Stuart several times to perform with Circus Mafia over the past few years. He is professional and personable with clients. His attention to detail is noticeable in his costumes and routines. I will continue to hire Max in the future because he truly is Fire to the Max.”

  – Krystin, Circus Mafia, San Diego, CA


“When I first saw Max spin fire I thought: ‘that guy is a performer through and through.’”

  – Stefan, Flow Art Manufacture, Munich, Germany


“Precious few souls have inspired my passion for the art of fire as Mr. Max has. As a teacher he’s pure patience and wisdom; but as a performer he soars like a kung-fu phoenix on acid ... I’ll never be the same.”

  – Chris P, Crispy Creations, BC, Canada


“Max is a hardworking and technical performer, patient teacher, and all around upbeat human. He is very easy and flexible to work with in my experience and, even from another performer’s perspective, puts on an amazingly fun show. I am always impressed and surprised by what Max is doing with his many different props!”  – Justin, Organic Pyrotechnic, Portland, OR


“Max Stuart embodies technical skills in a way that’s impressive to the geeky fire spinner, yet still relatable to the average audience member. This is a mark of a true entertainer. He inspires me and I am honored to call him a friend and fellow artist.”

  – Adelaide, Art by Adelaide, San Diego, CA


“Max is an excellent teacher and performer that I have both worked with and learned a lot from. He is reliable, on time for performances/classes, and always demonstrates skill with a smile. As a fellow artist, I have learned a lot from Max’s top notch showmanship and crowd interaction. There are few that match his skill in all of California with staff or sticks. He has the ability to communicate and teach to others all of his skills, and legitimately enjoys what he teaches.”  – Nick, 5 Element Fitness, San Diego, CA


I honestly can’t decide which I loved more: being Max’s student or his audience. Max has so much skill and experience with performing, teaching AND the flow arts! He’s such a fun, thorough teacher that I was so involved in the learning I forgot to be nervous about being a beginner! Max is that rare combination of artistic and analytical, observant and technical, that makes sure no detail — from fire safety to a trick’s form to the consistency of a performer’s ‘character’ — goes unexplored.  – Nicole, Pennsylvania, USA


“I created and ran FreeFlow Fire Arts Festival in 2016. As one of our teachers, Max was a professional from the very beginning, he joined the team and took initiative to help everywhere he could. He then excelled in teaching, performing & fire safety. I look forward to working/playing with Max in the future!”

  – Rafa, FreeFlow Arts, Gold Coast, Australia


Fire Shows

One-Man Shows — to the Max!

Packages start with shows comprised of one 15-minute or three 5-minute solo fire acts, custom-made to fit your event. Basic booking includes multiple props, fuel, equipment, insurance, travel up to 15 miles, and a trained safety assistant.

Options include Acrobatic Fire Staffs Dance, Poi Spinning, Fire Juggling, Dragonstaff, Fire Eating and Fire Breathing, among others.

More performers, time, and acts available on request.

Pricing varies, contact us for details.

Want more than a spectacular solo?

Book a choreographed fire-skit for your event!

Designed to fill large venues and entertain expansive audiences for lengthy and impressive shows.

All shows come tailored to the music, atmosphere, and theme of your choosing. Options include Max's specialties mentioned above, plus fire dancers spinning fans, hoops, darts, and flaming whips while intertwining acrobatics and more.

For group shows, Max will bring only the hottest stage-tested, insured, & professional fire performers.

Please refer to the safety information below to ensure that your venue meets the necessary requirements, or contact us.

Feel the Heat with Roving Entertainment

Hire fire performers to roam around your event and perform from within the crowd.

Roving and ambiance artists inspire a feeling of being inside the show — and provide close up, personalized interaction with attendees.


LED / Glow Performances

Light Up Your Night with a Glow Show

Light-powered acts are more appropriate for certain venues (read more below). Fire to the Max uses extremely high-powered LEDs which appear as bright as fire on stage — even from a distance!

Choreographed group LED acts are available as well. Contact us, we’d love to talk.

Draw audiences in with state-of-the-art lights weaved into acrobatic dance

Ambient light-artists are a great way to add safe, impressive entertainment surrounding your grand opening or red carpet event.

Roving characters with mesmerizing lights to dazzle and entertain your guests are ready, willing & able — just contact us!

LED options include:

  • Light Swords — Yep, you guessed it: Combat-ready Light-Sabres
  • Staff Spinning — An acrobatically wielded double-sided Light-Sabre
  • Poi — Advanced high-powered LEDs spun with blinding speed and precision
  • Gloves — LEDs on every fingertip for dynamic close-up entertainment
  • Orbital — Cutting-edge near-invisible LEDs weave unique patterns out of thin air
  • And More! — Hoops, Fans, Juggling, and other LED acts available upon request

For booking, please...


Flow & Circus Shows

Shows for Daytime and Other Events!

Our acts without Fire and LED accentuate the characters, dance, and acrobatic themes of the show. Audiences love impressive circus acts such as partner acro-balance or high-in-the-sky aerial performances.

Solo acts to group choreography, we’re happy to adapt our show to your event or venue — Contact Us.

We’re in the business of customizing event production

Interested in merging teaching circus workshops with performances, where appropriate?

Fire to the Max is happy to combine daytime activities — classes, lessons, or acts — with fire or LEDs shows if your event continues into the evening. Contact us to discuss.

Flow and Circus acts:



Staged Fights & Battles



Contemporary Dance

Aerial Silks/Tissue

Aerial Trapeze

Aerial Hoop/Lyra

Flag Poi

Ninja Staff


Referrals to other acts such as Magicians, Stilt Walkers, Tight Rope, Strong-Man, Rola-Bola, Belly-Dancers, Face Painting, Mermaids, Clowns, and many more available on request.


Since 2009, Max and his crew have performed hundreds of shows across the world.

From huge festivals to private poolside parties and TV commercial shoots, Fire to the Max is experienced and ready to engage your audience.

Photo Gallery

…Coming Soon. For now, enjoy the photos on the rest of the site and check out Fire to the Max on Facebook and Instagram.

Safety Requirements


We care about safety.

Fire to the Max is committed to producing safe entertainment so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Each fire performance is accompanied by at least one trained assistant with safety equipment on hand.

Performers are insured through Specialty Insurance Agency for $3 million liability policy to protect the venue, attendees, and property – and more coverage is available.

We adhere to all NAFAA Fire Performance Guidelines.

If your venue is not suited for fire, request a Bright LED Performance or a Flow/Circus Show for an equally dazzling act.