How to Sell Your Act

I’m very honored to have Tim Marston’s permission to offer his book, How to Sell Your Act, available to download – FREE!

I’m also including 18 ways to promote yourself as a professional performer, a short 3-page addition he comically titled 15 Ways to Sell Your Act – for some quick additional food for thought.

The 116-page book has helped 1000’s of performers get the word out and get paid doing what they love. Tim Marston founded Juggling Inferno (the UK’s busiest fire performance company), has been a staple of the fire, flow & juggling community for decades, and is a man I look to for personal inspiration.

The eBook is filled with fifteen chapters of detailed information in an easy-to-digest format, it’s a must-read for anyone in show business, and it’s especially written by a fire performer for fire performers! The one catch is it’s a few years old (~2011), so a few of the links are dead, and Tim and myself are not responsible for any outdated information.

I gave it a quick re-read and I think most of it is completely relevant. It covers:

  • How to do the ‘business’ of show business
  • Qualities of a sell-able act
  • Price setting and dealing with clients
  • “Old-fashioned” traditional marketing materials
  • “New fashion” internet & web-marketing
  • How to make the best of booking agents
  • Pro’s and con’s of different event types

…and many more notes based on over a decade of experience building and selling circus acts.

It’s filled with actionable steps that will help – if you simply do the work. My favorite parts are “Tim’s Top Tips,” such as…

Always bear in mind that for a lot of customers the fact that they feel like they got a good deal is more important than the actual size of the fee itself!! This is a weird one to get your head round. I think lots of people are more interested in their egos than their budgets when it comes to haggling.

Without further ado, here’s:

Tim Marston: How to Sell Your Act

Click Here to download the book: How to Sell Your Act (116-page PDF)

Click Here to download 15 Ways to Sell Your Act (3-page PDF)


P.S. How to Sell Your Act is no longer updated or sold, but here is where the website, book & blog used to be.

P.S.S. There’s a few other reviews around, people still talk about and use the advice (though Tim himself has left the performing/agent business) – the book was even talked about in a podcast!

P.P.S.S. Though Tim’s newsletter is no longer running, you can still get updates if you sign up for the Fire to the Max Newsletter.

Contact me if you want any information, such as the old emails Tim used to send, or to book Fire to the Max!

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